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Dressed presentation platform: Chinese state visit - Houses of Parliamant 2015 

Event-Deck Platform with temporary glass balustrade for the Queens visit to Birminfgham Dental Hospital

Stage with glass balustrade

Staging Services flys Event-Deck over the stalls at Symphony Hall Birmingham.

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The origination of Event-Deck was brought to life by Staging Services under the name ‘Super Stage’ in the late eighties as a response to the lack of staging systems in the UK market that offered the versatility to create effective staging solutions for a broad range of event types (one stage fits all).


The Staging Services staging system was, and still is, an extremely versatile, fully demountable, height adjustable, temporary staging system; a variety of modular shapes can be arranged in an endless number of configurations. Its unique design means that numerous finishes can be applied to the edges of the modules – making it perfect for branded conference sets and exhibition platforms, whilst being perfect for the more heavy duty and demanding live concerts and festivals.


It’s the definitive choice of staging solution.


Although the staging system was created to solely facilitate Staging Services’ events, over the years the system has been privately sold to many of the UK’s most prominent event organisers, production companies and venues. On a daily basis it is now being used by event agencies, production companies, AV contractors, schools, theatres, venues, musicians, exhibition contractors and marquee companies… making it one of the most popular staging solutions in the UK




In 2015 Staging Services began providing Event-Deck to the Houses of Parliament - regularly supplying and installing stages for international state visits and events within the House of Lords. Also in 2015 Event-Deck was the chosen staging system for the Queens’s visit to Birmingham, which proves testament to the quality and integrity of Staging Services and the Event-Deck staging system.


Now Staging Services is taking its staging system to the wider audience. It has established a new name and developed a fitting brand identity for the modular staging system, which is now called Event-Deck. Event-Deck is a registered trademark of Staging Services, and is endorsed by the ‘Made in Britain’ Campaign. Staging Services believes this to be a much stronger and more sustainable brand proposition for its core staging product, ensuring it becomes more identifiable as a leading staging solution within the events industry.

Why Use Event Deck
  • It's available in a range of modular shapes

  • It has a unique locking system

  • It's fully de-mountable.

  • It's compact at only 83mm thick 

  • It's fully height adjustable between 

  • It supports many accessories.

  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • It's easy to assemble.

We believe that the difference between Event-Deck and other staging products is ‘perfection’.


The attraction of using Event-Deck is really down to both the quality and integrity of the final finish and the accessories available.


There's a wide variety of finishes available to suit all events from corporate conferences to high end fashion shows, 


Event-Deck is available in a variety of geometric shapes including; squares, rectangles, triangles and quadrants.


There's a wide range of staging accessories available from handrails to illuminated edging and balustrade.


Each stage deck is fully height adjustable by simply inserting the required leg into the underside of the stage deck.

Event-Deck The Facts and Benefits


Easy To Assemble
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Payments: We accept payments by PayPal. Simply receive your quote or payment reference from our office and click the BUY NOW link above (PayPal fees may apply).

Shipping Cost:

Please contact the office for a quote on shipping charges prior to ordering staging and accessories.+44 (0)1922 405 111

Manufacturing Times:

Manufacturing times for Event-Deck staging modules and accessories can vary – please allow two to six weeks for delivery. 

Payments: We accept payments in cash, by cheque, BACS, or PayPal. (PayPal fees may apply).


For BACS payments:

HSBC 130 New Street


B2 4JU

Account Name: Staging Services Ltd,

Sort Code: 401106 - Account No: 91383698

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